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Jak Barley?private Inquisitor and the Case of One Damned Thing After Another by Dan Ehl

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If we consider the benefit of mainly in the aspect of an ideal or a final goal (??????), the Eros can be represented as sublime aspiration of the human soul to the good and virtue (or, in the language of the doctrine of knowledge as recollection, as the natural tendency of an elevated part of the soul to the ideals that she beheld before birth). Plato, as we have seen, rejected the relativistic ethics Sophists - he was convinced of the existence of absolute standards and norms, that is, the absolute ideals. Is the ideal of justice, temperance and courage; All these ideals are real and absolute, since they do not change and are resistant norms of behavior. They are not "things", because they are perfect, but they are not subjective, as are the "rules" by which people live. However, man can not live alone, apart from the society and the state, besides, he is a part of nature, so we understand that there must be a comprehensive ideal or ??????, subjugates all private ideals. This versatile and ideal is good. He can be known only through the dialectic, that is in the process of discursive thought; but in the highest part of the human soul there is the desire for true good and true beauty. If a person accidentally takes the beauty of the material objects of the true good, then Eros makes him strive to possess worldly goods, and we get down to earth person, subject to passions. Man, however, can be brought up in such a way that it is understood that the soul - higher and better body, and that the beauty of the soul is more valuable than physical beauty. Similarly, proper education will help him see the beauty in the formal sciences and ideals of beauty: the power of Eros then turn it to the "open sea Intellectual Beauty" and "spectacle of beautiful and wonderful forms, which it contains." 22 Finally, he can come to the realization that all private ideals are subject to the same universal ideals or those ^ o ^, good in itself, and will enjoy the "knowledge" of the universal beauty and goodness. The rational part of the soul is related to the ideals and therefore is able to contemplate it and to find this fun, limiting the appetites of the body. "There is no odnogocheloveka, which would love to help divine inspiration would not have led to virtue" 23. Therefore, the only decent life for man is the life of a philosopher or sage, because only the philosopher is able to grasp the true universal science and understand the rational nature of reality. In "Timaeus" depicted the Demiurge created the world in accordance with the ideals of the aspirant or the sample and play it back exactly as it allows rebellious material. That philosopher is able to know the ideal and try to build their lives and the lives of others in accordance with it. Hence, the place reserved for the philosopher-king in "State".

Jak Barley?private Inquisitor and the Case of One Damned Thing After Another

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